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Sensuality: Caramel Flava II

Out Now from Atria

Gracie has a short story published in Zane's latest anthology SENSUALITY: CARAMEL FLAVA II. Her short story is titled "Leap of Faith."


Bouncer's Folly

Out Now from Siren Publising

Before her death in a tragic accident, Zara Benjamin was the epitome of spoiled rich bad-girl with no direction or purpose in life. When she's brought back to Earth in the body of rich directionless bad-boy Trevor Carmichael, she thinks it's just destiny screwing with her life again.

Slacker Trevor Carmichael is charming and smart enough to go far and accomplish much but is too busy proving his parents right by partying hard and freeloading off his forbearing twin, Travis. Fate soon intervenes, however, to stop Trevor's self-destructive spiral and give Zara one more chance to get things right.

Personal trainer and part-time bouncer Ramsey Logan has been the reliable go-to guy all his life and doesn't have the time or inclination to entertain people who aren't equally so. But there's something about the reckless and sexy Trevor that has Ramsey looking passed the impulsive façade to the wounded soul beneath.


The Matchmaker IV

Out now from Siren Publishing

Angela Calminetti, mother of five, New Age practitioner and gifted psychic and telepath, is proud of her family ties and does everything she can to make sure that all of her younger siblings are as happy in love and marriage as she is…whether they want her to or not. ...


Sentinel’s Hunger

Out now from Rapture Publishing

Falling to a rare sentinel illness, Xevera Nanay encounters the biggest threat to her survival when paramedic Michael Constantine recognizes and imprisons her to exact revenge for what was done to his mother by her kind.


Once Upon A Time Anthology

Out now from Siren Publishing

Enjoy twists and surprising turns in this erotic collection of sexy love stories based on seven classic fairy tales. There are romantic interludes to touch your heart and plenty of scorching sex to warm your coldest nights.



Zara's Bois 2: Ingenue's Choice

Out now from Siren Publishing

An admirer of fine art but without artistic ability himself, Patryk Andrews works by day in a high finance position that his well-to-do father had more than a little hand in getting him. Gay and liberal, Patryk knows he's a big disappointment to his parents, but thrives in a job that leaves him more spiritually and emotionally empty than his last abusive and dysfunctional relationship.

A gifted painter from an affectionate, supportive clan of parents and three younger brothers whom he predictably ruled, Keir Monroe is an artist who has lost his way after the death of his lover three years previous. A chance encounter with Patryk sparks Keir's creative spirit, however, and more than a little lust.

But what starts off as a whirlwind physical obsession soon turns into more than either Keir or Patryk ever bargained for when both are faced with demons from their pasts...


Zara's Bois 1: Zack and the Dark Shaft

Out Now from Siren Publishing

Spoiled, aimless party-girl Zara Benjamin has never had to work a day in her life. At twenty-eight, she's just discovered something she wants as much as her best friend since college, the unattainable Quincy Powers. But when an elevator door opens minus the car, all these hopes and dreams are forever dashed…or are they? 

Successful financial whiz Quincy Powers made his fortune on Wall Street before his thirtieth birthday and left the rat race behind before the stress of trading could claim his sanity. Instead of the game keeping him awake, however, he now has the horrible sound of his best friend's screams to haunt his nights. 

Until two angels intervene and send Zara on a mission in the body of her twin brother, Zack Benjamin...


The Matchmaker, Book 3:
Beneath the Surface  :  Terms of Surrender  :  Manifest Destiny

Out Now from Siren Publishing

Angela Calminetti, mother of five, New Age practitioner and gifted psychic and telepath, is proud of her family ties and does everything she can to make sure that all of her younger siblings are as happy in love and marriage as she is…whether they want her to or not.

Manifest Destiny

Just-turned forty-three Evelyn Vega is beginning to wonder if her time for love and romance has past. No one who knows her would believe the heart of an idealist beats beneath the tough-as-nails, Wall Street broker exterior. No one, that is, except her oldest matchmaking sister Angela Calminetti who negotiates a deal with Freeborn ranch owner Montana Phoenix to get Evelyn and Freeborn's cow boss, Jason Makepeace together.

Orphan at eleven, divorced at twenty-one and lovelorn after Montana falls for Seth Phoenix, Jason has been as unlucky in love as he has in every other facet of his existence. The two things he wants most in life but that have eluded him for the last twelve years are a spread of his own and a woman to love and share the rest of his life with. This is all about to change when sexy city slicker Evelyn struts into his life.


Eternal Designs

Out Now from Siren Publishing

Gale Sinclair is a marriage counselor who has broken the cardinal rule of psychotherapy and fallen in love with his client, Zoelle Sutherland.

One evening, Zoelle calls Gale in desperation after her estranged husband, Laurent, goes ballistic. Rushing out into a pouring rain to get to her, Gale is killed in a head-on collision on the expressway.

Zoelle is a successful interior designer whose firm is threatened by a takeover bid from none other than her husband, ambitious realty tycoon, Laurent Crews. Divorce is a viable consideration since their separation, certainly not murder. But when Zoelle stumbles upon her estranged husband in a pool of blood in his office after he's stood her up for a meeting, she realizes someone else doesn't feel the same.

When Gale wakes up in alien surroundings, returning to life in Laurent's body, Gale realizes that death has given him a chance--to love Zoelle.


A Siren Adult Fable: The Wolf in the Mansion

Out Now From Siren Publishing

Still mourning the death of his wife, recluse Lincoln McCabe's life is forever turned off-kilter by a chance meeting with McCabe Associates' newest hire, Deja Hamilton, an almost a physical replica of his dead wife, Dahlia.

Five years after starting at McCabe Associates, personal secretary Deja has worked her way up the ranks to a coveted account executive position. What she hasn't been able to do is eradicate the haunting blue eyes of Lincoln McCabe from her memory despite her best efforts.

When Lincoln and Deja are reunited five years after their initial meeting, the conditions are neither ideal nor romantic. But Deja is determined to make the best of the situation nursing Lincoln back to health and helping him snare whoever was behind the attempt on his life and the looming takeover of his family's company.


Siren Adult Fairy Tale
Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess

Out now from Siren Publishing

Siren: All-time Bestseller List

Fictionwise: Highest-Rated Bestselling E-book
Filament Books: #1 Highest-Rated Bestselling Romance
All Short Stories: #1 Highest-Rated Bestselling Romance

All Romance E-books: #7 Bestselling Romance

An empathic young nurse driven to help and heal others since childhood after watching her mother languish for months before finally succumbing to cancer, Aziza Lopez abhors cruelty and suffering in any form. When she is assigned comatose patient David Healey, Aziza is confronted with the depth of her abilities for the first time since her mother's death and has a chance to contribute to a patient's recovery when modern medicine fails. But can she convince anyone else outside of David's family that she knows who is responsible for his injury when she's finding it hard to deal with the knowledge herself?

The youngest of five brothers, David Healey comes from a close-knit, no-nonsense family of psychics and shapeshifters. He has never suffered fools—or demanding, jealous girlfriends—lightly. But on the eve of a bitter break-up he realizes he is about to suffer a woman scorned when he glimpses his ex behind the wheel of a car careening towards him.

Now Aziza and David are in a race to pull him out of his coma before Aziza's vengeful stepmother can get to him and finish the job she started on a dark road.



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Between Darkness and Daylight

Out Now from Siren Publishing

4 Stars: "McKeever tells an intensely heated love story loaded with both blazing sex and sensitive family relationships. Plot twists will keep you guessing, and several subplots dovetail into a nail-biting conclusion." —Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Fictionwise: Highest Rated in E-Books

Over-achieving and skeptical securities and commodities sales agent, Nova Foxx, is dragged kicking and screaming into believing the supernatural when an almost-fatal mountain climbing accident results in a near-death experience that kick-starts her inherent psychic abilities into overdrive. Nova soon discovers with her newfound "gifts" comes great responsibility and is forced to relocate to another city in search of the subject of her clairvoyance with the hopes of ending her visions and saving a stranger's life. But first, she must convince him that his life is in jeopardy without revealing who she is and how she knows. 

Zane Youngblood is a high school social worker who wants to save the world one child at a time. An impossible order to fill, but this doesn't stop him from trying, especially when he's raising a young troubled teen of his own looking for acceptance and a savior wherever he can find them.